A recent finding actually makes a lot of sense: men apparently shop online more than women.

According to digital marketing agency iProspect, 70 percent of affluent men prefer to do their shopping research and purchases online. Moreover, over a quarter of them make weekly purchases. (Even we don't do that.)

CNBC reported on the recent findings and asked Chris Ventry, general manager of men's luxury retailer Giltman, for his take on men's shopping habits. His findings? "Men are outspending women 20-30 percent."

Again, we're talking e-commerce. While it may seem unlikely that men engage in more retail therapy overall, it does fit the conventional wisdom that men would prefer unfussy, low-maintenance e-commerce to rooting around in sale bins and fighting crowds in the mall.

But men's shopping in general is on the upswing, Reuters recently reported. In a supposed sign that the economy is rebounding, the sales of men's apparel are predicted to increase 8.26 percent in the first quarter of 2012, the largest increase in two decades.