Between his busy schedule and tight deadlines, we managed to pin down Chu Suwannapah and got into his latest collection. The line is thoughtful, carefully guided by current trends and appropriately sums up his message.

Chu Suwannapah who is many things including a creative genius was taken by I See a Different You’s imagery of Africa on their Instagram account. This informed his latest collection for Chulaap by Chu Suwannapah, themed Make Art Not War, which once again gave more chills to those who appreciate the intricacy of fashion as art. His setting also couldn’t go unnoticed for his show at SA Menswear Week and perfectly accentuated his autumn-winter clothes. Prints were expected but nothing like what actually appeared.  He included guns, camo, polka dots, and tiger and basically stretched the military trend. He also included bullet badges, overall making weapons which are a destructive tool that scares humanity into something beautiful. Somehow, it elicits a different feeling which is definitely not fear.

“Military and camouflage is one of the global big trend for 2016. Chulaap is all about celebrating Africa. I made some of the irony of this theme into coolness and modernity. Camouflage, AK-47, insignia/stripes, Basotho blankets and tigers are all knitted which I added some lurex yarns as the new luxury for this collection,” he says.

The styling which was really vintage in feel, somehow transported you to African military fields some decades ago. It was all thoughtful, nothing random, still fluid in gender and the outdoor clothes rightly fitting the season we are approaching.

How he juggles his roles is also something to note. Chu has a full-time job in media as fashion director and the only way he could complete his collection was to take time-off work, three weeks to be exact. It was all worth it, the ‘harvest’ exceeded our expectation. And the truth is, Chu reliably leaves many in awe. One could easily think the media years of analysing and interpreting fashion may have put him in a favourable point of realising more of what the industry needs, but he humbly shuns that and believes he has much more to learn.

Besides his creativity, Chu is also known for his humility, ever so warm and never a grumpy sight of him.  What keeps him like that is honesty and sincerity he says. We also asked what makes him happy, which is cute: “Gucci, my female Jack Russel” and he does not bask on negativity at all.
Stealing from the non-secular posse: since words are said to create, what does he declare for himself this year? he says, “Good health and success!”

We already see him achieving that and more.

Images by SDR Photos

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written by da_potential, May 28, 2016
perfectly textured and exciting.