map_thumb.jpgThis report covers the recent trend forecast seminar presented by Li Edelkoort for the summer season 2010 (to 2011 in South Africa). Within it, Li gives her views on our current zeitgeist and how this will shape our desires, motivations and future creations.



Li Edelkoort is optimistic.

Her research has shown that for the past ten years we have been living in fear. The 1990's were marked by (amongst other things) the Gulf War, ecological disasters, Ebola, genocide, genetic engineering and Y2K. While many of the younger generation were optimistic about the future especially in light of the fall of the Berlin wall, the introduction of the internet and a rise in youth cultures, all generations looked to the turning of the millennium as pivotal point. For one year thereafter the world looked forward to the new century, until the September 11 2001 attack in New York.

The world started to fall apart from this point. We became scared of everything. Black and white viewpoints arose, grouping people into diametrically opposed groups. Security became our number one priority. In South Africa this was marked by an increase in violent crime and a corresponding increase in personal security. The world also started to fear dramatic climate change, food shortages, bird flu, genetically engineered foods, identity theft, water scarcity, poisonous toys and terrorists attacks. Every aspect of our experience had an element of fear.

We are now entering a new period. A period that is marked by an increase in creativity and a more humanistic approach to all we do, think and create. We will come to terms with our fears and overcome them, thus overpowering them. We are looking for change. The recent election of Barak Obama as president of the USA is an iconic representation of this need for change and a more optimistic worldview.

In South Africa we have the luxuries of a temperate climate and lush natural resources. It gives us the opportunity to be more optimistic about our futures than the rest of the world. Added to this is the world's attention being turned to South Africa and the influx of tourists/trade for the year 2010 because of the Soccer World Cup. Eventually the world and South Africa will exit the current financial crisis and because of our unique positioning in the world, we can exit it stronger then when we entered.

What Li notes as being different about this current crisis is the world's reaction to it. In the past financial crises were marked by a return to basics ideology. Fashion was marked by minimalism - a sort of atonement for the sins of our excesses. This time the crisis is not of our making - blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the financial institutions. So we have nothing to atone for. But we have been presented, instead, with the opportunity to re-centre ourselves, to narrow our focus to our local environment and to project our dreams of our changed future.

Summer 2010 - 2011

This season is marked by a rise in creative spirit, a desire for fantasy and the expression of our subconscious. It is represented through blurring - a manifestation of the dynamism of change.




Evanescent Elegance

This story is about layering. It is light and transparent, airy and uplifting. It is without pomposity.

Keywords: tailoring, the shirt, matt and shiny, crisp, washed shantung, linen, cotton, transparency, sheer, tailored, tapered, mother of pearl colouring, white washed and white on white.



Folded Volumes

Converting 2d into 3d.

Keywords: origami, paper, creased, crinkled, folded, tied, geometric, pleats, pin tuck, volume, structure, perforation, cut out, rapid prototyping, whites, soft blues and pinks, egg shell. 


Scupltural Spheres

The female form sculpted by ancient artists, capturing fluidity within stone.

Keywords: draping, wavy, stone, marbling, splash, tie dye, weathering, decay, gold, copper, dots, androgyny, 1920's, Mediterranean, ancient Greece and Rome, tone on tone patterns, amphora, ready to wear becomes couture, silk, ethnic jewellery.



Scribbled Scenarios

Doodles and scribbles that reveal secrets about ourselves. Telling stories with lines.

Keywords: scribble, doodle, pen, blue, red, black, indigo, tone patterning, denim, over dye, crinkled nylons, carbon copy blue, staining, blauprint/blockprint, stripes, script



Photographic Memory

Faded photos replace our memories. Captured emotions from times gone by.

Keywords: green, brown, yellow, red, faded, sepia, expressive, fleeting, mistakes make memory, fluid fabrication, acetate, silk, viscose, naivety,  dresses you remember from your childhood, crepe, odd lengths, shadows




Tachistic Energy

 This is really a print and accessories direction. Drawn from the art movement of the 1940s and 1950s (derived from the French word tache - stain).

Keywords: abstract, graphic, violent, blur, black and white, printing, expressive, dramatic florals.




Painted Emotions

Van Gogh's painting of the southern countryside express vivacity and a rich urban life.


Keywords: vibrant, movement, yellow, happy, optimistic, genderless, canvas, summer tweeds, washed patterns, stained, wild, landscaping motifs




Sketched Essentials

The functionality and simplicity of industrial design speaks to fashion. Function creates new forms.

Keywords: Basics, well designed. 1950's fine gauge cottons weaved for sports, seersucker, denim, polo shirt, neutral with brights, comics, 100% design driven, functional, super well cut, classical motifs, linen





Embroidered Autonomy

Embroidery takes centre stage as a medium of artistic expression.


Keywords: fashion as art, sketching with embroidery, story telling, historical, character




Illustrated Illusions

The stuff of fairytales. Children's picture books offer a wealth of inspiration.

Keywords: fairytale, marvel, wonder, antique, childlike, birds, fantasy, faeries, neoteny , insects, wings, elf, princess, angel, children's books, fine cottons, trompe l'oeil , anglaise, lace






Watercolour Floral

Lazy, languid summer days filled with summer blossoms.

Keywords: volume, detail, ruffle, pattern, botanicals, soft yet vibrant, transparent, mesh, shirt and skirt, easy, playful, heavy and fluid fabrics, petals





Creative Craft


Handcrafted and heartfelt. Craft represents our rich heritages and our love for things made with care.

Keywords: silk screening, digging into culture, block prints, frank, kimono, tie dye, using textured fabrics with over prints, indigo, graphic, handmade




Collage Culture

Breaking things down to their parts and re-arranging them to give new meanings.

Keywords: surreal, graphic, colourful, not beautiful, random, mixed up, personal, recycle, sample, assemble, expressive






Mapping Lifestyle

This trend is more of a mindset than a storyboard. It relates to us finding our new boundaries, our identities and purposes.


Keywords: tailoring, redefine, direction, delineation, refocus, yellow, orange, blue, white, green, identity, more internal and purpose driven











Images sourced from various sources including Corbis, Google Images and Devaintart.


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