1. Please define Danielle Margaux… what makes you different?

Its simplicity, clean lines, classic chic element and the finishes. The care the clothes are made with and the vision I have for the future of the brand.


2. You’ve worked locally and internationally, how different is South African fashion industry from the international industry? 

I have found that you have a specific job allocation overseas. Here you tend get involved in all aspects, which is not a bad thing, but you have to wear many hats as opposed to one.


3. If you were asked to bring in one thing that international industry has that we South Africans don’t when it comes to fashion what would it be and why? 

The quality of certain international brands and finishes are impeccable and you can cry at how beautifully certain things have been made. This has got to do with big teams of designers, the latest technology and manufacturing being able to produce such finishes.


We do, however, have something unique though to offer the world – Diane von Furstenberg (amongst others) showcased beautiful African wire bangles in a previous collection of hers, so even though they  might do some things well overseas, we have very gifted people here and we can offer the world what we have too!


4. How different is the industry compared to when you started as pattern drafter?

When I started as a pattern drafter at KLUK CGDT, I was very much sheltered as I was in my space, in the studio, and that was what I concentrated on. Since then, I have taken the whole process on, from concept to consumer and I am much more “out there” compared to when I started in the industry.


It was a very good experience though to be sheltered in the beginning, because I was able to lay a good foundation. I still do all my patterns and I love it. It is “me” time and I like to be left alone when drawing up patterns. I find that I am at my most creative whilst doing patterns.


5. After #CTFW what can we expect from Danielle Margaux?

I have got so much planned! I am going to officially launch my shirt collection for corporates or anyone who loves to wear a beautiful collared shirt – like myself. You will always be able to find a basic collared, well-styled shirt under the Danielle Margaux label.


6. In the next five to ten years, how do you see Danielle Margaux's growth?

I would love to expand my business throughout South Africa and provide beautifully styled and manufactured clothing. Clothing that was made with great care and consideration. In 10 years time, I would like to sell overseas and would love to have a few Danielle Margaux boutiques.


7. Apart from pairing opposing elements in your designs, what else can we expect on the runway?

You can expect to be treated to vibrant colours and fine details, very subtle little details. The collection is actually very understated and the contrast again comes in with the bright colours. Other than that I am not saying much more, you will have to wait and see.

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