To celebrate the new season, we caught up with Karen Marla Ter Morshuizen and talked sustainable fashion and timeless style.

Karen Marla Ter Morshuizen's design mantra is simple but true: "remove everything that is not entirely necessary". The 40-year-old designer talks about Earth Addict's winter 2013 collection and the timeless pieces you should invest in right now.

iFashion (iF): What makes the Earth Addict woman different?
Karen Ter Morshuizen (KM): The Earth Addict woman is ageless and her wardrobe is timeless. She is comfortable in her own skin and understands that less is more.

iF: What’s your design vision for the brand?
KM: As women, we love a new look, a little bit of extra attention and a polish from time to time. This is what I’m trying to give to our brand. Earth Addict is undergoing a makeover, and we are adding a touch more refinement, style and diversity, while staying true to all that is beautiful about it. The brand’s vision is to be the leader in natural fashion, and I intend to live that vision in every facet of my designs. I’m striving to create an ageless and timeless brand of leisurewear for women of all shapes and sizes.

iF: What’s in store for winter 2013 in terms of colour, texture and style?
KM: The core themes behind the winter 2013 collection are that of movement and purity. It’s all about the new look and feel of the collection taking the brand forward to create an updated identity. I’ve used classic styles, including the trench coat, oversized and fitted shirts, and tailored trousers, but made them available in the soft handle leisurewear fabrics Earth Addict is famous for. There is viscose fleece combined with rib, single jersey, and tricot. For the first time, we’re using winter woven with wool content. The knitwear range is slightly more experimental, yet the layering appeal remains the same. Limited Edition is a new offering, and it’s a capsule collection of luxurious garments made primarily from silk. The colour palette is largely neutral, raven (which is a dark charcoal), incense, griffin (which is a classic grey tone) and cloud dancer (the name says it all).

iF: How many pieces are included in the winter 2013 collection, and what was your inspiration?
KM: The winter collection is diverse. We have three inputs through the duration of the season. In total, there are about 50 fashion styles – with four or five of our classic/core items in each input to give our customers variations on our layered look. We have increased our knitwear offering and are very excited by the direction this is taking. I draw my inspiration mostly from nature – always have and always will. Often it’s a landscape, sometimes a single emotive colour, a texture, or a mood I feel when I find myself surrounded by beauty.

iF: Talk us through the eco-influences associated with Earth Addict.
KM: One of the brand’s core values is social consciousness. We are based on ethical principles which respect the earth, our people and the communities around us. I’d like to think my voice and design style reflect the movement towards responsible and sustainable fashion, and I strive to translate the brand’s philosophy by creating timeless garments that live beyond one season, inspire simple living, and encourage natural style. Approximately 90% of our production is done in Africa: from weaving and knitting the fabric to the make up of the garments. Wherever we can we use organic cotton, and we pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality we can get at a reasonable price from suppliers who have the same eco conscience that we do. And when we say it’s 100% organic cotton it really is that. We only partner with Africa’s leading clothing and textile manufacturers, and our silks are sourced from a highly-respected manufacturer in India. We use local designers and suppliers for our jewellery and leather goods offerings, and are proud to put their names alongside ours in stores. We also work closely with the Earthchild Project, which is a dynamic and innovative non-profit organisation based in Cape Town that focuses on the holistic development of children, teachers, schools and communities.

iF: If you could recommend four basic pieces to own from this collection, what would they be and why?
KM: This is a tough question! It depends on who I am speaking to. The offering is so diverse and there are easily four looks, let alone four items, for four different types of women. I’m going to cheat! My personal favourites and the things I will be living in this winter are:
Winter 1: Kimono jacket, adjustable pants, fitted shirt, peg leg track pants and fine gauge knit.
Winter 2: Dungarees, scoop neck tee, parka, classic leggings, long-sleeve tee and long line vests.
Winter 3: Space dyed knit, tricot cardi, yogi pants.

The Earth Addict winter 2013 collection is currently available from all Earth Addict and Earth Addict & Earth Child stores countrywide. For more info, visit

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written by Claire Hewan, April 29, 2013
Hi Chuene, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the new collection. We have one more winter drop coming this season, and hope that you will find more items suited to you. We did not have a specific age or size in mind when we launched the collection, we would like to offer something for woman of all ages and all sizes. As Karen mentions in the article "Iā€™m striving to create an ageless and timeless brand of leisurewear for women of all shapes and sizes." Please let us know your feedback, the third winter drop is towards the end of May. Best Regards, Claire Hewan on behalf of EARTHADDICT
written by Chuene Sebatjane, April 28, 2013
I am one of earth addict customer I went on shopping for my winter clothes to my surprise I couldn't get anything for myself .im am a fully figured woman the style u have now does not cater for us anymore.i was so disappointed because the clothes that you used to have always catered for us too.please come back to what we can have too people used to ask me where do I get my clothes because I always had clothes that can can fit fit me nicely without having to do any alteration .looking forward to have the next collection that will be for us too FULLY FIGURED woman.