MAC calls it`s `All or Nothing`.

The fashion and beauty industry has been coming up with innovative products to enhance our facial features for years. The confidence of modern women has become stronger than ever because solutions keep knocking at the tip of her manicured fingers.  
Foundation has now become second skin and mascara is the dear lifesaver that stops those eyes from looking like there’s been tired wind that’s been blowing all day. With everything happening at high speed in the beauty industry, it’s starting to get a bit overwhelming. But now there are options to go all out with make-up or realise and embrace “natural” beauty. 
With international celebrities like Alicia Keys who have now gone completely nude face and Solange Knowles who plays with pop of colour, MAC Cosmetics has a version of this makeup trend calling it the “All or Nothing” which is for both natural beauty queens and colour poppers.  
The word “All” references the colour pop and emphasises strong and bold colours, whether it being bright yellows like MAC's "Chrome Yellow" or cobalt blues like "Electric Eel". Blending techniques are of utmost importance where there can be a play with layered gloss on top of the eye shadow or glitter on the crease. Multiple colours of the rainbow replace the typical smokey eye however, make sure that you apply them in a soft and subtle way to keep the balance. Eyes become artful and a point of emphasis from the face. This whole idea is to transform catwalk/runway makeup into commercial and everyday wearable makeup.  
“Nothing” becomes literal in some sense, where skin is the most important and focuses on the idea of the post gym look. The idea is for skin to look highly moisturised and hydrated creating multi-dimensional shine on the skin’s surface. Lustre and luminescing products to consider are MAC “Global Glow” and “Soft and Gentle”. One can decide to refine the raw by making use of taupe or peach hues to make the skin appear naturally enhanced. 
Brows are also very important factor so the way you define your brow will depend on how intense or bright the colour of your eye will look. Rather use brow set that has a base colour to brush them out rather than drawing them in with a pencil. Lightly tinted or brushed out bushy brows are current, however, just make sure that they are neatly trimmed, tweezed or threaded. This will put emphasis and focus on your eye to create a balanced and neat look.