We all have items in our cupboards that we love, and that perhaps have some sentimental value, but that we just don`t wear anymore.

It is essential to clear out items that no longer work for you and re-evaluate what each item contributes to your wardrobe.
It is important to ensure that the pieces you have are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also multi-functional, so that you have something suitable to wear for every occasion.
Via La Moda, manufacturer of luxury leather handbags and accessories, shares a few tips to assist in making the right handbag choices.
These essential bags are perfect to mix and match:
Neutral Tote
A neutral tote is like a girl’s best friend – an easy accessory to go with just about everything. If you don’t know what to start with, then start with this one.
Classic Everyday Bag
Swopping handbags is a nice thought in principal, but not many women actually get to doing this regularly. Therefore you want an everyday bag that will complement just about everything. A sizable, structured, neutral coloured bag such as black or brown is perfect.
Perfect Clutch
The perfect clutch transforms an outfit from daywear to eveningwear. Choose your clutch so that it goes with an actual evening gown, for when the occasion presents itself, but also with jeans and high heels for when you just want to add some glamour.
Statement Bag
Every now and again, it is important to arrive and make a statement. A pop of colour is the perfect way to do this. The beautiful thing about a statement bag, is that it can be worn with something really simple and classical, and give it the oomph it needs.
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