Manock Naturals

77 Field Street, Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, 4001
031-305 3977
031-307 2180
We are a family business, offering quality goods,
manufactured in our own workshop.
Skins are from strict species control, that are government controlled.
The skins are disease free, tanned to international standards, and supplied with the necessary wildlife permit.
Our products reflect a balance with nature.
All skins and materials used are from sustainable government approved herd reduction programmes ensuring the well being of our planet.
All wildlife products are supplied with permits from the relevant authorities recognized worldwide.
uShaka Marine World – Durban
Shop F4
Tel: +27 31 337 1999
Musgrave Centre – Durban
Shop 209
Tel: +27 31 202 1115
Village Walk, Sandton – Johannesburg
Shop U28
Tel: +27 11 783 7379
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