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Nov 18

Vintage gone wrong

Fezeka Sekeleni Posted by: Fezeka Sekeleni Print PDF
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Vintage gone wrong… I see her mile away wearing everything at once and hiding behind “it’s vintage” colourful stockings, mid-calf skirt, polka dot shirt, yellow dot earrings, pilgrim shoes and the infamous tan bag. Where does one draw the line, it is so easy to get carried away, seeing as I am a fan of classic movies nowhere do I see Audrey Hepburn looking like a bag lady. Vintage is classy yet fun, it emphasis the woman and her unique physic, I for one had no idea that tutu’s were vintage; they were and still are ballet skirts though. Walking around looking a recluse maybe trendy once in a while so let’s all go through this. On pilgrim shoes, those are not vintage but ancient, big difference between vintage and ancient, vintage is simple because the clothes were so present, by that I mean a dress was simple yet it never failed to make a statement, that I would say was because the designer knew that women had curves and not this modern day androgynous designers who have us hiding even a small lump which was put there by the creator. The point of vintage is taking a smirk at the fact that you are a vixen and you know it, I have a tiny waist and child bearing hips, in some cases you had the drop waist dress which must be approached by the most delicate care. The tan bag is not essential nor is it responsible for turning an outfit to vintage, put it down and go for a green simple purse. Dare I say look at Kim Kardashian for a modern twist on vintage, if there is one thing she knows is how to work a tea length a dress.  Vintage is about understanding your body, in most cases the clothes were designed to emphasise what one lacked, even the underwear, if I had one wish it would be for the return of that triangular bra that every decent woman rocked back in the days. I would say lose all the unnecessary bits and get to know which ear you are trying to channel and if you are going to be mixing it up avoid looking like a bag lady period

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