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The Europa Art Shoes History Line
Issued by: Europa Art Group  
[Johannesburg, 22 March 2011] -

“As he cobbled and hammered from morning till dark, With the footgear to mend on his knees, Stitching patches, or pegging on soles as he sang, Out of tune, ancient catches and glees.” Says Oscar H. Harpel

The Tale of Europa Art Shoes started many years ago on the Island of Xios, in Greece. Great grandfather Lambrakis was a cobbler, who taught his son all he knew. His son, grandfather Lambrakis, was a farmer by trade, but manufactured shoes for his family and friends; using all the knowledge his father passed on to him. He shared these skills with his son, George Lambrakis.

The skill of Shoe-making and the passion for footwear was stitched through four generations of the Lambrakis family, originating in the era of the World Wars.

“To each foot, its' own shoe,” says De Montaigne.

In 1960, Grandfather Lambrakis and his son, George, arrived on South African soil; with the manufacturing of shoes being their sole source of income. After nine solid years of hard work, dedication and determination; they founded their first shoe manufacturing plant and shoe store, situated in Market Street, in downtown Johannesburg. Four years later, in 1973, Europa Art Shoes established a national footprint, and today have 20 stores nationwide.

Thirty-six years later, Europa Art Shoes is an established family-run business, and owes its' sensational success to passion and perseverance. Europa Art Shoes is proud to be one of the largest Independent National Retail Footwear Stores.

In the words of Oprah Winfrey, “The Lambrakis Family and Europa Art Shoes still have their feet planted firmly on the ground, just in better Shoes...”

“Between saying and doing, many a pair of Shoes is worn out.”

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