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Bright beginnings with FEDISA and TFG

[Johannesburg, 27 November 2014] - A prime example of this would be Your Fashion Future: an exclusive TFG (The Foschini Group) bursary programme developed in partnership with FEDISA (Future Excellence Design Institute of South Africa).Together, TFG and FEDISA plan to develop empowered and visionary fashion professionals. Not only does this programme provide bursary recipients with a sound academic foundation, but it also aims to cultivate, in turn, the 'good-head-good-heart' combination in these prospective students. TFG and FEDISA are, in fact, sowing the seeds of goodwill that will ultimately come to fruition in future graduates. May bursary recipients and the rest of the student cohort follow in these footsteps. [Full Story.]
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Bright beginnings with FEDISA and TFG

Last updated : 27 November 2014


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