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Improve your Production Planning & Control
Issued by: iSync Solutions  
[Johannesburg, 18 August 2010] -

Can you identify overdue tasks & potential late deliveries at the click of a button? Do you effectively manage tasks across multiple jobs? Do you know how to save time & increase your employees' efficiency?

As a business owner/manager in your industry, these are all questions you want to be able to answer “yes” to.

In the highly pressurises clothing & fashion industry where competition is fierce, effective production planning & control is essential.  You can't afford to operate inefficiently without careful planning. The inevitable outcome of failing to plan will be a bottleneck situation & ultimately a loss of customers' confidence & thus future orders.

The solution? The unique Task Management module in Sync, the complete job costing & project management software system designed specifically for the Apparel industry. Sync production planning software makes it easy to ensure that jobs are completed on time. The Task Management module allows you to compile task lists & assign tasks with due dates to specific employees depending on their job role. Each day, employees will automatically be emailed a list of their overdue tasks in order or due date, helping them to prioritise their work.

Sync identifies the critical path for each job, estimating an expected delivery date, and will recalculate projected delivery dates based on task completion. Each job is categorised according to its status. This status changes automatically as the job moves towards completion, resulting in effective production planning & control.

To ensure tight management control, Sync automatically emails reports to managers on a daily basis to inform them of outstanding tasks & projected late deliveries. These job tracking reports list the problems in meeting deadlines, giving early warning & allowing time to rectify the situation. Not only does this module improve your employees' work efficiency, but it also assists you in conducting accurate, informed performance appraisals.

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