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Fast Fashion becomes a reality for SA's fashion retailers
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[Johannesburg, 28 February 2012] -

With world-renowned fashion retailer Zara now in South Africa, fast fashion is no longer an option for SA's leading clothing stores, but a necessity. Inditex, Zara's parent company, pioneered fast fashion, the concept of moving designs from catwalk to store in the fastest time possible. The latest trends are designed & manufactured as quickly & cost effectively as possible to allow consumers to enjoy the latest fashion trends at affordable prices.

With Zara now on our doorstep (the first store opened in Sandton City in November 2011), SA fashion retailers failing to adopt quick response methods to support fast fashion are sure to be left behind in the near future. Quick response is all about reducing time between design & production. Inditex has perfected this, enabling them to deliver new items to Zara stores twice a week!

This kind of fashion retail requires a change of thinking for SA retailers & cannot be achieved without sound technology to support & enable such effective design & production. Sync, SA's leading software solution for the apparel industry, provides the perfect tool for companies wanting to adopt the change & improve overall efficiency. Sync is a fully integrated ERP Software system & Product Life Cycle Management Solution (PLM) designed specifically for the apparel & fashion industry. The Sync business management system is designed to promote fast fashion by reducing lead times, streamlining business processes, increasing employee productivity & highlighting the critical path to ensure on-time delivery. Sync is currently being used by over 80 apparel businesses in SA and is now affordable to all through the new government grant the Clothing & Textiles Competitiveness Programme (CTCP). Sync qualifies for this grant based on it being designed to promote & support world class manufacturing & SA apparel businesses can apply for the grant to subsidize their Sync implementation.

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